Project Meeting in Larissa: 12-13.05.2022

Οn the 12th and 13th of May 2022, Innovation Hive hosted the 2nd TPM of the RE-START project, at its premises in Larissa, with active participation of all the project’s partners (GRANTXPERT, DANMAR COMPUTERS, FUNDEUN, UBI, HOU, INNOVATION HIVE).

After a thorough tracking of the so far project’s progress and explanation of the next implementation steps, an interesting brainstorming interactive session was facilitated, personalized for the needs of Larissa city, in order for partners to actually think through Circular Economy, and share their thoughts and ideas.

All partners should think of the current status of Larissa city, and then provide solutions in order for the city to be more circular and sustainable. It was a great opportunity to show their understanding on CE, review practical examples, map the current status, and come up with innovative ideas.

The workshop’s theme was to visualize a sustainable future for the city. All partners should find suggestions and solutions, and map the existing circumstances of the city. Later on, all partners co-worked on a strategy suggestion, which would be allegedly submitted to the mayor of the city.

Every partner had to choose a topic (transportation, hotels, culture etc.), and present the partnerships suggestions on a sustainable future, and the session was recorded.

Later that day, the project partners had the chance to be informed about the Kafsimo Initiative, in which Innovation Hive is actively engaged, and is on topic with the project’s theme. The Kafsimo project consists of the collection of the coffee remains from coffee shops in Greece, and their transformation and recycling into fuel forms, such as pellets, fertilizers for agriculture etc. Kafsimo representatives were at Innovation Hive’s premises, and they were in position to explain the process of the coffee remains recycling, their vision, and their will to expand all over Greece.

Overall, it was a fruitful meeting, monitoring what has already been developed, and envisioning the next steps, including interesting workshops for a hands-on circular economy experience.

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